Nervous System Healing & Somatic Coaching


The stress of our lives (as well as past traumatic experiences) can cause significant shifts in our bodies & minds.   Our bodies hold the effects of stress and trauma at deep levels, affecting our overall functioning and wellness.

Some of the ways this can show up include:

  • Chronic muscle tension
  • Anxious loops of thought
  • Energy crashes, especially following a big success
  • Challenges with forward momentum or completion of projects
  • Alternating between feeling overstimulated and spacey
  • Trouble sleeping or inability to relax


When we work at the level of the nervous system, we rewire the stress response and bring it the old patterns of fight/ flight/ freeze into greater flow, ease, calmness, and vibrant energy.

Many of my clients have been through extensive healing, personal growth, & spiritual work and are dedicated to their ongoing growth (including wonderful practices such as mindfulness and meditation).  But they often find the same-old challenges and trouble spots arising that keep them from feeling and functioning at their best.


That is, until we address it at the body level.


Here are some of the changes we create through rewiring the stress response in the physiology:

  • Release from chronic muscle tension
  • Sleeping soundly through the night and waking refreshed
  • Sustained energy- enough to easily meet the demands of work, play, care for loved ones, and self-care/ personal growth
  • Clearer thinking and focus
  • Greater ability to follow through on projects and challenges
  • Greater effectiveness in manifesting intentions and goals



I help you finally clear up and release the effects of trauma and stress in the body, so you can move into resilience, flow, deep rest, and creative focus; and consciously create the life you desire.


The tools I use are Somatic Experiencing (SE), Energy Work, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Human Potential & Social Artistry Coaching.  We listen to your whole system to bring you into more alignment and ease in your body, clarity in your mind, and resonance with your highest potential.



I’ll guide you in gently and safely rewiring your body’s energy patterns, stress responses, and “overcoupled”  loops of  thought/ emotion/ sensation – so you can shift out of being governed by stress and live from ease, flow, and safety.


Read more about Somatic Work in this interview with Dr. Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing

Listen to my interview about body-based trauma healing on the Inner Work Podcast


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