Myofascial Release

Covid-19 Update:  Currently I am closed for in-person sessions.  Please check back for updates.  Be well!




Myofascial Release is a powerful and effective form of soft tissue release that uses sustained pressure to release the fascia (connective tissue).  The fascia, which runs both as a layer under our skin and as a “webbing” throughout our whole body, is what gives our body its shape and structure.  Releasing restrictions in the fascial network allows longstanding muscle tension to release, facilitating greater ease and flow of energy in the body.

I’ve been working with various forms of bodywork and massage for twenty years.  Ten years ago, I moved into specializing in Myofascial Release because I found that it was consistently bringing the most effective and long-lasting results for my clients.

My work is informed by my training in Somatic Experiencing (nervous system regulation and body-based trauma release).  The effects of stress and trauma can manifest in the body, often contributing to patterns of tension and pain.  In addition, I work with Neurokinetic Therapy, which is a system of assessing muscular patterns of function and dysfunction, so we can correct imbalances and bring you into better alignment and optimal functioning.

Your session(s) will be customized to your needs, and I highly encourage you to let me know all about your goals, intentions, and hopes for your sessions.   The better I understand your unique goals and needs, the more effectively I can facilitate our work together!

For your session, please wear comfortable clothes or bring something to wear on the table, such as: shorts for men, shorts and sports bra or tank top for women.


The results clients typically report include:

  • release from longstanding muscle tension
  • deeper, more restorative sleep
  • greater range of motion and freedom of movement
  • greater connection, relaxation, and ease in their body


New clients: please fill out an intake form and send that to me 24 hours before your first session.  Please be sure to read policies and terms on the booking page, including 24 hour rescheduling policy.

I look forward to working with you!


Covid-19 update:  Currently, I am closed for in-person sessions.  Be well!



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