Body-Level Peace

Body-Level Peace

Welcome!  This 12-week Mind-Body Wellness Program is for  folks who are seeking more body-level calm and peace, vibrant energy and flow, and effortless expression of their spiritual and creative gifts.


Why body-level?   Isn’t inner peace more about the mind?

Yes and no.  Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful and extremely important.  But it’s crucial to understand that trauma and stress are felt and recorded at the level of the body.  It’s through the body’s felt sense and the “primitive” parts of the brain that traumatic events are coded into our experience.

Our muscles, soft tissue, even our organs can store the effects of stress and trauma long after a stress-inducing event (including accidents, natural disasters, grief, loss, and sudden change of all kinds).

If you’ve been doing your work in the mindset arena, diligently devoted to in your meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual practices; and yet still finding yourself feeling out of balance and pushed around by outer stimuli and stressful circumstances… it  may be time to work at the level of the nervous system.

Because even while some part of us knows that all is well and trusts in something greater, our lives are experienced and lived through the felt sense of our body.  And when our bodies are carrying the residue of stress and trauma, it can be challenging to fully show up in our power and the fullness of our spiritual and creative gifts.

When a body goes through a traumatic or stressful event, it may become fixated in patterns of fight/ flight/ freeze.  This can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, body tension, or being unable to relax into deep enjoyment and connection.

Another common experience is adrenal burnout, as the body has been stuck on a cycle of highs and crashes, with the stress hormones working overtime.  This leads to further issues such as spaciness, irritability, or difficulty in completing projects.

In nearly all cases, it’s tough to show up fully in our creative power, embodied presence, and full expression of our spiritual gifts if the body is spending energy managing trauma and stress.

When we regulate the nervous system and release the old patterns of stress, we bring the body into the present and into it’s full capacity and potential.  When our bodies are no longer stuck in habitual fight/ flight/ freeze responses, we experience  more restful sleep, improved energy, regulation of our hormones and bodily functions, and an overall calmness and peace.

And this brings us into true freedom – to create all that we’re here to offer and soar past former “upper limits” into our highest level gifts.

How does it work?  

I work with you in one-on-one sessions to “co-regulate” your nervous system and teach it new ways of operating.

Through tracking the subtle patterns happening in your nervous system and guiding it into new ways of responding, we help the body come out of old patterns of fight/ flight/ freeze and into a new felt sense of clarity, calm, and joy.  (Clients say this part feels like magic, but it’s actually based in neuroscience).

I’ll also be handing you powerful processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to shift old patterns of thought that may be getting in the way, and open new pathways to freedom and peace in the mental realms.

And, I’ll teach you my favorite simple and dynamic energy work practices, empowering you with tools to shift your state at any time.

To keep you at your best, we’ll also custom-create your most powerful self-care plan: incorporating a body-mind-spirit approach to keep you regulated, calm, connected, and grounded in your body’s energy and power.


How do we meet?

Your one-on-one sessions will happen over Zoom.  I will also create customized mp3 recordings for you to continue the practices on your own between sessions.


What results will I see?

Your individual results will vary; however clients typically report results including sounder sleep, less physical tension and body stress symptoms, a more effortless focus and “flow” state,  positive shifts in boundaries and relationships, and a new felt sense of clarity, calm and peace.


What’s the commitment?

For best results, I work with most folks in a 12 week coaching package.  This allows our work together to build step-by-step, creating powerful momentum towards your new body and mind.  However, in recognition of the unique needs of each individual and nervous system, I do not require that you do a 12 week program, and single sessions are available as an option as well.



This is exactly what I’m looking for.  How do I get started?

Your first step is to fill out the form below- this helps me to make sure it’s a great fit.  It’s important to know that I work from the perspective that you are your own healer and authority; and it’s required that you are able to take full responsibility for your own wellness and growth.

If this resonates, then I can guide you to transformational results.  Please fill out the form below to get started, and I can’t wait to connect!

Words From Clients:


“I have been feeling a distinct shift in the intensity and frequency of the migraines and headaches since your sessions with me.  My head has been generally clearer; but also it sort of feels like some of those early body tensions will rise up, and I’ll notice them, and they seem to pass through rather than crescendoing in the direction of a migraine.”

– Eliza W.


“Today I tried to touch my left thumb to my left shoulder, and for the first time since the fall almost 9 years ago I can actually do it.
It was such a wild moment to realize that it was undoubtedly a result of the work we’ve been doing, and I was thinking it was an orthopedic thing all along. I actually started crying!  Felt honestly miraculous to see such a huge – and what I thought was impossible – physical change just from moving energy.  
I’ve also felt emotionally so amazing and solid since Monday which also feels like a direct link to whatever was released, which is really interesting.”

– Katie B.


“I came to Rachel after years of surgeries and physical therapy, pretty much on my last glimmer of hope for a present and future not completely ruled by chronic pain and tension.  I got so much more.  Rachel is a phenomenal guide through the meanders of the mind/body connection, and if you want to go there, she will help you find the places where the source of the physical symptom is stored (be it physiological or psychological trauma), and unlock it, with care and compassion.”

– Barbara M.


“I came to Rachel to work on some dysfunctional patterns, especially my difficulty setting clear boundaries in some of my relationships. I now feel much more empowered, clear, grounded, and solid in my ability to set boundaries, say no, and take care of myself.  Rachel is profoundly knowledgeable when it comes to the nervous system and how to release trauma on a physical level. Working with her has brought up important insights and shifts for me – even things that I wasn’t able to heal in years of talk therapy!”

– Josephine H.

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