30 Days to Release Tension and Allow Flow


Do you stretch and stretch, but find the same tension patterns never really go away?


In this 30 day guided journey, I’ll be handing you daily practices and tools to release muscle tension and relieve stress at deeper levels of the body-mind, so you can:


  • be free of neck and shoulder tension
  • feel comfortable and at home in your body
  • experience deep, restorative rest
  • check off all the things on the to do-list from a grounded space of ease and flow.


Learn powerful tools to work with the fascia, the nervous system, and the mind-body connection to release those stubborn tension patterns from a deeper place.




You’ll walk away with:



  • My top five myofascial stretches for lasting neck and shoulder release
  • An understanding of how trauma affects the physiology, and the key piece that’s missing from many mindfulness approaches (it’s not just all in your head!)
  • Body-based tools to create resiliency in your nervous system (even under pressure)
  • My favorite practices to release stress- based tension from the gut and improve digestion
  • Knowledge of where stress hides out in your own body- and how to create greater ease, space, and relief


Using daily, do-able lessons and practices you’ll let go of the tension at deeper levels, help your body come out of fight/ flight, connect with deeper streams of energy, and cultivate an unshakeable inner peace… so you can connect to the part of you that knows all is well.

How does it work?

Each day you’ll unlock a new video and/ or audio lesson.  You’ll learn the deeper reasons why stress gets trapped in the nervous system and how to release the muscles and fascia, along with uncovering the deeper patterns of chronic tension.  I’ll be handing you powerful practices to rewire your nervous system and seamlessly integrate the new patterns into your body-mind.  You’ll walk away with effective tools to release tension, “aha’s” and insights into your own body’s patterns, and a renewed relationship to self- care as an intrinsic part of who you are.  You deserve it.

Who am I?

hi, I’m Rachel Hardy.   I’ve spent 20 years in the body-mind wellness field, working with hundreds of clients as a myofascial release therapist, nervous system educator, and body-mind wellness coach.  I spent a decade running a busy myofascial release practice, and have had the privilege of working with all types of bodies. I’ve seen all the pain and tension patterns – including the ones that show up repeatedly, and seem to be incredibly stubborn.

I’ve taken the releases, practices, and tools that have been most effective for my clients over the years and layered them in a step-by-step process that walks you through a head to toe and inside-out journey of tension release and greater energy flow.


Words from course participants:


This course blew my mind. All this information about the nervous system, even though I’ve heard people talk a lot about trauma, fight or flight, etc, felt completely new and relevant to me. It was taking theory and making it clearer through practice. I was kept interested the whole time, and genuinely looked forward to the segment of time that I could get to spend with the course-work. It felt like the ultimate indulgence.”

This course has been a ROCK for me.  I did have to take a break for 2-3 days but I swear, these were all gems for me. They made me feel good, reminded me of ways to center that I had once heard but forgotten, or taught me news ways to center and heal.

(Day 3) – “This is the coziest practice ever. I had an insane, nonstop work day both hunched over a computer and driving. When I laid down my entire body was aching and felt relieved to just not be doing anything. While my right shoulder had more tense or sharp feelings in the release, my left shoulder didn’t. That said, both looked more ‘even’ afterwards. I love this release!”

(Day 7) – “Grounding has really helped me a lot and I loved the reminder to drop in just a little more and more — It’s such a physical, almost tangible way to claim ones space and I really loved slowing down and orienting”

(Day 11) – “Loved the scalene release.… I think I have a tendency to dig, so this softening felt completely amazing… this is going to be fantastic to use on a daily basis”

(Day 26) – “Ever since Day 26 when we did the “Future You” meditation, I have been having SO many moments through each day since where I ask myself “what would my future self do/feel/think/say?” Something about tuning in to who I will be (who is freakin’ awesome) just has so much wisdom and hits a sweet spot for me. And I’ve made several different decisions as a result of that. That feels like a huge huge answer to something I’ve been asking for clarity on.”

(Day 28) – “woooooah! consciousness in the hands...i was strangely able to do it, and if felt like a relief from my hyperactive superego.”

“By the end I was definitely feeling a change. It’s hard to put into words but I’ve felt more at ease with my situation and the balance of controlling what I can, but not necessarily having control over everything.”

“From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I feel so loved, supported and equip with the tools, resources and experiences I need to move forward on this path!!!”

“My body is in such a different place than it has ever been. When I am in the least ruffled, I just tell it that we are doing many new things, and it is okay, and that I will keep helping with the self care and the exercises so that it knows that all is well.”

“My therapist noticed a change, and I was not conscious of doing anything different!  It was an interesting moment, and a good one.”
“I’m so much richer for this experience & thank you from the bottom to the top of my whole body!”

“F*#>ing thank you. This course has been such a lifesaver for me.”




Some FAQ:


Do I have to finish in 30 days?  Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the program. Take as long as you like and re-visit the material as much as you choose.  (If you spend a lot of time on a computer, you may want to revisit Day 11 often!)


Is this a meditation course? Not so much…. unless, you think of exploring deeply into the body as its own kind of meditation. We’ll be connecting to the fascia, the nervous system, and the whole body in new and exciting ways that will transform your experience of being in your physical body, and empower you in radically deeper levels of self-care.


How much time will it take? I recommend setting aside 20 minutes a day on average for your self care and daily lesson. (Each day’s length will vary a bit).  You’ll be given homework exercises which can be easily integrated throughout the day. If you miss a few days, you can always catch up, and you can also revisit your favorite lessons as often as you like.


What materials do I need?   You’ll need a tennis ball, or similar size therapy ball (we’ll use this starting on Day 3).  Optional: A resistance band such as a “TheraBand” for activating muscles (we’ll just use this once, for part of our work on Day 16).


Will this work for me?  Here’s the real talk:  you can purchase a hundred courses or programs and not see any change.  What creates change is what you do.  You’ll get out of this (or any) program what you put into it.  The challenge is that we’re constantly up against the busy-ness of our lives.  Also, we’re dealing with the inertia of our “critter brain” which is invested in keeping things familiar & safe and avoiding change.  (I’ll show you how to work with that on day 23, btw! ) .

Because I am passionate about helping clients create true change in their bodies, I know that the way we work is just as important as giving you the right material.  That’s why I’ve broken things down into daily, do-able steps and an easy-to-follow process.  If you engage with each day’s lessons and do the practices, you will create results in your body/ mind.   What’s more, you’ll create powerful momentum as you feel the results of that muscle tension releasing, which helps keep you on track!


“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now” – Chinese Proverb”


What’s the investment?  Your investment in you is 222.


How do I start?   Click below!

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